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Pete & Janet Barker

We are a small producer in Llangammarch Wells of Angora yarn and knitted items, all from our own rabbits, blended with local sheep wool and hand spun by Janet or sent away for machine spinning for a finer yarn.

Angora is the very warm and super-soft fibre from the Angora rabbit. Unfortunately the majority of Angora fibre is imported from countries without good animal welfare standards so we aim to supply an ethical alternative.

At Ethical Angora we shear their woolly coats four times a year, they are not harmed in this process at all and you can be assured our bunnies are loved and well cared for.

Tel: 07799571042


Maggie Oliver

Maggie spins:
1 - Wool - British breeds and some crosses - She prefers the 1st clip and if it is long enough the 8mth August Lamb Clip.
2 - Alpaca - especially cria
3 - Silk - I crochet and weave on nail looms

Maggie has access to very good fleeces. She does not dye but works with natural colours.
She can be persuaded to teach but doesn't normally have enough spare equipment.

Tel: 01591 610 340

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