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Jo Oddie

After graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design with a BA Hons in textile design and art history I became a successful fabric and wallpaper designer/stylist for 'Harlequin Fabrics'.

My true passion in life is animals and nature and since my move to mid Wales, fifteen years ago, I have become established in animal portraiture. My portraits are professionally created using pastel and guache technique which enables me to create depth to my work with a high degree of detail. This professional technique combined with my love and compassion for animals sucessfully captures the subjects personality and the result is a timeless reflection of a beloved animal friend

My background in textile design combined with my present work as an animal portrait artist has led me to illustration work and I have enjoyed embelishing my imagination by executing a series of contemporary paintings.

Tel: 01591 620800 or 07887 401858


Visit: Jo's Website


Lorraine Voss

Intermittent creator of paintings and poems, living the dream in Llanwrtyd Wells.

My paintings are multi-media, often mandala based and frequently for my own amusement. Limited wall space ensures regular donation of finished works to raffles, fundraiser auctions and charity shops.

I sold my first four commission slots in 2016 (one for each season) and hope to repeat this in 2017.

Visit: Lorraine's facebook page



Paul Rickard

Paul is a printmaker creating original works, mainly using the technique of reduction linoleum relief printing. His studio is situated in Llanwrtyd Wells - home to the quirky sport of Bog Snorkelling and the 'Man vs Horse' marathon – which sits amidst the beauty of mid-Wales. He is a member of the Aberystwyth Printmakers group.


A long-held interest in archaeology means that he is particularly drawn to buildings and structures in their landscape settings. Paul is also fascinated by the concept of liminality; by boundaries, thresholds and transitional spaces.

The starting point for a print is usually one of his own photographs. Using a variety of manual and automatic processes, together with compositional sketches, he abstracts and manipulates them to achieve a working image which is then transferred to the lino by drawing or tracing. Whilst this may sound like a planned and rigid process it is actually remarkably fluid in nature and frequently benefits from unintended effects.


A degree of simplification and abstraction is present in the majority of Paul’s work. Partly this is due to the nature of the relief printmaking process, but probably owes more to his artistic influences. These are mainly mid-20th century graphic and commercial art – such as travel posters, advertising and book illustration. A feature of many of these works is the reduction of subjects to simpler forms through the elimination of detail – often to an extreme degree.


Instagram:          @paulrickard_printmaker

Facebook:           @paulrickard.printmaker



Simon Lilly

I work in a variety of media: sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital art and photography. These are thematically linked by my love of landscape, the past, and the ideas and beliefs that infuse both.
Over the years, I developed a technique for building up sculptural forms using layers of paper. Using the same sets of imagery: bowls, niches, language, I am now starting to use carved wood to create enigmatic, quiet pieces suggestive of ancient meaning worn away by time and weather.

My recent photographic landscapes are characterised by a subtle manipulation of tones and contrast to create an effect reminiscent of the Northern traditions of landscape painting. I also enjoy more drastic photographic manipulation using layering of images to create a darker, more numinous ambience.There are a great many innovations in the area of digital art, but I am happy using a few simple processes. I usually begin with a painted image and then use multiple layering of imagery to build up a jewel-like intensity of colours that allows the eye to drift between the different perspectives in a quiet, meditative state.

My print works use block-printing techniques. Sometimes simple black and white, sometimes layered colours on a background of metallic, gold paste. Words are often included. They are influenced by medieval manuscripts and early printing methods.

My paintings take inspiration from those subjects that cannot quite be captured in the way I would like using any of the other processes.

I was trained at The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. I have an MA (Honours)degree in Fine Art and a Post-graduate Diploma in Sculpture Studies.
Tel: 01591 610792

Visit Simon's Behance Portfolio

         and Simon's Etsy Shop


Sue Lilly

Sue lives in Cefn Gorwydd. She enjoys working with colour as a therapeutic tool using any medium available.


In the past she has used fabric, wool, light and plants but has recently returned to using watercolours, in a watercolour/batik style, to express the healing qualities of Nature.

Tel: 01591 610792


double koru smoked turquoise.JPG

Wendy Chamberlain

​I am a part-time ceramic artist who moved from Reading to Wales in Sept 2019. I am now located near to the delightful town of Llanwrtyd Wells, of Bog Snorkeling fame! I plan to have my new studio up and running early in 2020 which will have this view from one of the windows.

I chose the name 'Koru Craft' for my work because of my fascination with spirals and my love of ferns, especially the unfurling new shoots which the New Zealand Maori call the Koru. The Koru symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.

Tel: 07748051865



dolphin and plate small.JPG

Katie Fiszman

Having graduated from the Carmarthen School of Art as a painter and draughtswoman, my work fluctuates between portraiture and abstraction.


I work in oil-based mediums on canvas, using homemade primers, paints and oil bars.  


M: 07789066148



I:   @fiszman.katie

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